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& Please let me indroduce myself very shortly, inviting you to:



After 20 years of work as:
- IT Tehnician(2 years),
- IT Sales Representative(2 years),
- IT Shop Manager(1 year),
- Partner and Country Sales Manager in a company of 30 people(3 years),
- Consultant and IT Manager for one of the biggest retailers(electro-domestics) in Romania and Sales Trainer for aproximatly 300 sales representatives from more than 100 retail shops (1 year),
- Entrepreneur in various fields like IT&C, professional cleaning, restaurants&clubs, real-estate, constructions, sport(9 years),

I understood, from all of this experiences in my life, with lots of ups and downs, that the most important thing, the most valuable resourses in any type of bussiness and activities in our lives, are we, the people, and the real connections that we are able to create with everybody: our bosses, partners, clients, employees or any other human being.

No matter where you are right now in your life, wanting to be a better salesman, a greater manager, succesfull entrepreneur or any other contribution in the world you want to be, I am here to offer my services based on my skills and my experiences supporting you to achieve your real potential. Together will discover what makes you say and do the big YES to opportunities that will bring joy and fulfilment in your life.

I speak English, Spanish and Romanian.

Make the connection

Please send a short description of what would you like to improve in your life. First 60 minutes for a meeting one to one or a skype session, is for free. Then we can decide together if we could work together and how, for you or for your company. Be brave. Make a change. Grow!